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Light Bulbs Burn Too Often

8 Reasons Why Your Light Bulbs Burn Too Often

Light Bulbs Burn Too OftenLight bulbs are meant to be better than candles, but sometimes, they don’t last as long, which could leave you in a hair-pulling, frustrated mess. If the light bulbs burn too often and you are changing them more frequently than you should be – considering the lifespan of a bulb in good condition should last you around 900 hours based on an 8-hour-a-day use – it’s time for a thorough investigation.

Before you put the blame on the wrong factors – the light fixtures, the unqualified electrician in your home, or yourself – it is imperative that you cancel out other possible reasons.

  1. A batch of bad bulbs
    Sometimes the problem is just a bad batch of products because manufacturers are susceptible to mistakes too. Instead of wallowing in an endless frenzy, it might be better to return the bulbs and start looking out for a different bulb supplier or change to a different brand.
  2. High voltage in your home
    If your light bulbs are changed every week or every other month, despite shuffling between brands, it’s time to do a voltage test. A high voltage means your bulbs will burn brighter and burn out faster than usual despite other appliances being unaffected. Using a voltage tester, test for voltage at a standard electrical outlet or contact an electrician or your electric utility provider if a DIY is not your forte.
  3. Turning off and on too often
    This problem is attributed to CFL bulbs because the electrodes get stressed every time the light is turned on for a few minutes at a time, causing the bulbs to degrade. The quick fix to this is swapping them for LED bulbs in places like the bathroom and the closet.
  4. Light Bulbs Burn Too OftenOverheating bulbs
    Bulbs in recessed or enclosed light fixtures are susceptible to overheating especially when their wattage is higher than the recommended wattage for the fixture. Also, a wrong-sized bulb within a smaller fixture prevents the dissipation of heat, causing an inevitable burnout.
    To remedy this, purchase bulbs with a lower recommended wattage or larger fixtures that allow ample airflow.
  5. Replete vibration
    There are several circumstances that could cause or trigger excessive vibration: light bulbs in wobbly ceiling fans (like those found in kids rooms), garage door openers or near entry doors. The constant movement and motion jiggle the filaments in the bulbs, leading to a shorter lifespan.
    To undo this problem, after you ensure the fixture is secure, switch to LED bulbs that don’t have filaments or rough service bulbs that have heavy duty filaments to better withstand vibration.
  6. Bulbs screwed on too tight
    You already know that light bulbs should always have good contact with fixtures, but it doesn’t mean you should screw them in too tightly and cause the brass to bend. This little mistake may be the reason you can’t get them to work.
    To fix this, first cut the power to the fixture and use a small wooden stick to pull the brass up about a ¼ inch from the socket.
  7. A blown fuse
    Perhaps there is a circuit breaker or a blown fuse which could cause a short in the circuit. There may be a defective plug, a shortened fixture cord or a defective light socket. In such cases, the best solution, after identifying the problem, is to replace the defective part before resetting the breaker or the fuse.
  8. Light Bulbs Burn Too OftenPoor Installation/Qualified Electrician
    It’s a habit of most homeowners to wait until an electrical disaster occurs and forces them to take action. Yes, it may be less financially daunting and also fun to screw open your electrical units and fix incorrect fusing or wiring, but, only if you really know what you are doing. To avoid further disaster, it’s better to enlist the help of a qualified electrician to conduct a full check of the lighting circuits or any other circuit with similar issues.

As you are aware, electrical work should never be underestimated. Dealing with any electrical related issues by qualified, or incompetent person could potentially lead to unpleasant, harmful or dangerous results. Elsys Electrical would always recommend to contact Competent Electrician to deal with the electrical work required in your property, when your light bulbs burn too often . It could saves you a lot of headache and time. Elsys Electrical, your Local Electrician

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