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Benefits of Electric Vehicle

8 Benefits Of Electric Vehicle (EV)

What Is An Electric Vehicle?

An EV (electric vehicle) also known as an electric drive vehicle, is an electric automobile that uses one or more electric modules for momentum. With an EV, electricity is used as transportation fuel to power EV batteries. This electricity is stored in an energy storage device (battery). There are numbers of benefits of Electric Vehicle, which we are going to explain in details below.

How Does One Charge An Electric Car?

Charging an electric car is pretty simple, all you have to do is plug your car’s charger to an electrical outlet. It is however important to note that not all EV charging stations or equipment are the same. Some EV’s have on-board converters that can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet or a high-capacity appliance outlets. While others might require the use of a charging station that provides monitoring, electrical conversion or safety functionality. Some of these stations support faster charging at higher voltages and current that are available for residential EV’s and are essential when traveling.

What Are The Benefits Of Electric Vehicle (EV)?

Benefits of Electric Vehicle

1.Energy security:

EV’s can help with energy security. At the moment, there is a lot of dependence on other countries for petroleum imports. Electric vehicles can easily be powered from renewable local energy sources which will reduce dependence on foreign oil. This also offers employment opportunities for locally produced electricity.

2. It is cheaper to run:

The cost of running an EV is much lower than the cost of running a fuel powered automobile. The difference in cost of charging an EV with electricity, is as low as a third of petrol cost per kilometer for a similar vehicle.

3. EV’s are safer:

Recent research has shown that several EV features can help improve road safety. This is because EV’s have a lower center of gravity, which makes them less likely to roll over in the event of an accident. They also have a lower risk of explosion or major fires because the construction of the body of an EV and its durability makes them the safer automobile option.

4. It is cheaper to maintain:

An electric vehicle has fewer moving parts than a standard diesel/petrol car. As a result, it requires very little servicing. This is because an EV does not require expensive radiators, exhaust systems, and full injection systems, that a conventional diesel/petrol car would need. EV’s are very simple and strong even with just the single motor part. All you need to maintain are the tires, suspension and brakes. Most EV manufacturers offer a warranty of up to eight years on EV batteries, so they do not need to be quickly replaced.

Please note, hybrid electric vehicles (EV’s that have a petrol engine), would require a little more regular servicing and costs slightly more than a standard EV vehicle. However, because the electrical motor requires very little maintenance due to the fewer moving parts, this results in less tear and wear on the petrol engine components.

5. EV vehicles are better for our health:

Because EV’s produce no exhaust emissions, it is especially good for our health. Important benefits of electric vehicle is better air quality, which leads to less health problems.

6. Less pollution:

When you choose to drive an EV, you are contributing a huge part to reducing harmful air pollution as a result of exhaust emissions. As EV’s have zero exhaust emissions. In addition, EV’s are also more quiet than diesels/petrol vehicles which also means less noise pollution.

7. EV’s Are Eco-friendly:

Currently there is a growing trend of the use of Eco friendly production and materials for EV’s. For example, the Ford Focus Electric is built using recycled materials and the padding is made using bio-based materials.

8. Electric Vehicles can use renewable energy:

This is a great way for you to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions even further with the use of renewable energy to recharge your EV. Your EV could be recharged from a solar system during the day, instead of from an electrical grid. Alternatively you buy Green Power from your electricity provider. Even if you recharge your EV from the grid, your greenhouse gas emissions would be considerably reduced.

What Is The Relevance Of Electric Cars Today?

Electrical automobiles provide the promise of cleaner air quality in communities and areas where power is generated from renewable energy sources like nuclear energy, solar, hydroelectricity and wind. This limits pollutants into the air. Plug-in electric vehicles (PEs) are also the cleaner choice to diesel/petrol vehicles. Especially in communities that get their electric power from natural gas or burning coal.

With the increase in gasoline prices, electric are becoming the more economical alternative. However, a serious hindrance to the faster adoption of electric cars is the shortage of public charging facilities. But in most cases, charging an electric vehicle at home will provide all the necessary battery energy for daily commutes.

Benefits of Electric VehicleWhat Is The Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme?

The Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme (EVHS) created to provide funding for the installation of residential charging points across the UK for up to 75% of the cost.

As of the 1st of July 2019, the EVHS only supports Smart charge points. Manufacturers who would like to apply for authorisation for charge points under the scheme would have to ensure that their units comply with the technical specifications detailed in the guidelines.

In order to take advantage of the Government Scheme, it is important to chose, an authorised EVHS Installer. Elsys Electrical is among the certified and authorised EVHS Installers and we are happy to provide EV Home Charge Installation to residential customers in Hemel Hempstead, Watford, Berkhamsted, St Albans, North London & Surrounding areas. Our Electrical Car home Charge installation services cover London, North West London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Bedfordshire. Check the full list of the EVHS authorised installers, which can be found in the government website. We, at Elsys Electrical would be more than happy to assist with home charge installation for your electric vehicle, or to provide you with information on current schemes. Moreover EV Chargers Installation is essential part of our business and we happily offer this service to local clients in the past years. In addition you can find more information about the available ev home chargers or get an online quote for ev chargers installation. Do not hesitate. Contact us Today.

It is important for us all to make our self aware of the potential benefits of Electric Vehicle. Moreover, what we can do all to make our planet cleaner, greener and sustainable. Our future is in our own hands.

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