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Electrical Socket Doesn't Work

What to Do When Your Wall Socket Doesn’t Work

That feeling of confidently connecting your phone or laptop charger to your wall socket, only for you not to get any response at all, can be very frustrating. Especially when you don’t know what the problem could be — finding that socket doesn’t work now, which was perfectly fine not long ago, all of a sudden won’t power any of your appliances. Try not to assume the worst, the problem could be something that can be easily solved.  First, you need to troubleshoot the outlet to find out what the problem is.  Usually, the culprit is either a tripped breaker or a bad connection. The outlet might have a bad connection, or the circuit breaker might need to be reset.  Luckily for you, you might be able to find the solution when you take these steps, and you may not need to contact professional.

Try the following steps, when you find that your wall socket doesn’t work.

Examine other electrical outlets

You have to, first of all, find out if the other electrical sockets in the house are also not working before you examine the circuit breaker. Plug in a lamp or use a voltage tester to diagnose nearby outlets for power, and switch lights on and off. Did the wall socket have an electrical appliance plugged into it when it stopped working? Make sure the problem is not a result of a short, or an overload from appliances and lamps, by unplugging them from dead outlets. If you find other not working sockets / outlets with the same fault, note the locations so that you can identify them easily after turning off the power.

Check for bad connections

If there has never been a time when your wall socket worked properly, it might be that the wires weren’t properly connected by your installer. You might be able to fix the problem by switching off the power, pulling out the outlet from the box, and fastening the connections. If the socket doesn’t work is old, and doesn’t hold plugs firmly, the problem might be failed internal connections. The solution in this case would be to get a new outlet.

Check the circuit breakers

Head to the electric panel to check for a tripped breaker or a blown fuse, but only after you have unplugged all the devices from the dead socket. The electric panel is often found in the basement, garage, or laundry room. When you’ve located it, open the metal door to reveal the circuit breakers or fuses. Make sure you’ve turned off your appliances before switching the circuit breakers on and off.
Look for breaker handles that are not lined up with other functions and push it on. To reset a tripped breaker, first switch it off. Then hold down the handle tightly till you hear a click, don’t just flick it. Switch it back on to reset it, by pushing it all the way up till it lines up with the other functions. If it returns to the tripped position, then something is wrong with the wiring.

However, always bare in mind your own safety. It could be harmful and potentially dangerous to try to fix a socket that doesn’t work yourself. If you are not filling confident in doing this yourself, or you’ve tried everything and still cannot identify the cause of this, Call Professional Electrician for qualified assistance. our Electrical engineers at Elsys Electrical Ltd will be happy to assess the electrical issue and provide you with appropriate solution. Do not hesitate, contact Elsys Electrical Ltd for advise and quote.

Electrical Socket Doesn't Work

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  1. Thanks for the article. It was a relatively new chrome socket so best take it off to see if the wires are loose.

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