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Smart Home Solutions

Designed to make your life easier. Imagine the best of the comfort, security, design and energy efficiency of tomorrow’s smart home, but today. Elsys Electrical Ltd can do this with any residential building, easier than ever. All functions that can be controlled, such as blinds, lighting, heating, air conditioning or intercom, are designed with the idea of making life easier and smarter. You can control the heart of your home with one touch, from afar or from your cozy armchair.

Smart Home – Security Systems Intercom system

A smart intercom system is the most important part of a smart home. It will not only allow you to enter and exit freely, but will also monitor who is in front of your home when you are away. With the Elsys Electrical Ltd intercom system, you always have control over your front door, no matter where you are, directly from your phone. This allows you to unlock your door with one click, and thanks to our cameras you can even let the right people home.

Weather monitoring

Smart Home - home automation systemsIf you can count on one thing, it is that the weather forecast cannot be relied on. With an Elsys Electrical Ltd weather station, you don’t have to keep track of the weather. You can watch from the inside what is happening outside and our weather station will do the rest. The blinds can be raised if there is a storm, or adjusted to the outside temperature. Even the heating can be adjusted to the weather conditions. Of course, all data can be monitored from your smart device.

Presence simulation

Want to make sure your home is safe while you’re gone? Simulate presence with our smart home solutions and leave homes safe. You can easily create scenarios that make your home look habitable. The blinds are raised in the morning, the lamps are turned on in the evening and the TV is turned on and off – the possibilities are almost limitless.

Motion detectors

Motion detectors are a common part of most smart homes and home security systems. If you install smart motion detectors, it’s like giving your own eyes and ears to your home.

Panic scene

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to a strange noise. No need to be afraid if you have installed our panic key. With one touch of the panic key your house and yard will be illuminated by bright light. This is an easy way to get rid of uninvited guests.

Surge protection

“Smart” is not just about device connectivity. It is even smarter if you can take care of the protection of your home devices, such as TV, refrigerator or computer. Our products protect not only against property damage and data loss, but also against possible fires and injuries.

Monitoring the windows

You are already protecting your front door from thieves. What about the windows? This is also a frequently used access point. It is very important to make them more secure. Window sensors monitor the current position of the window handle and inform you immediately if there is a change.

Unauthorized access detectors

The security of your home is much more than protecting your property. It is also important to feel safe when you are at home or outside. You and your loved ones can go about your daily business knowing that you do not have to worry about unauthorized intruders or dangerous accidents such as fire or flood. Elsys Electrical Ltd unauthorized access alarm system protects your home and family at all times of the day.

Comfortable life

More time for the important things in life Daily comfort. Start your day in the perfect way with our Smart Home solutions. Smart technologies slightly dim the light, while the blinds open to let the first rays of sunlight into the bedroom. As you go to the bathroom, motion detectors light the way to the shower, and thermostats keep the bathroom pleasantly warm.

Philips Hue LED lamps

Perfect lighting. Integrating Philips LED lamps into our home automation system allows you to give each room individual lighting. As a bonus, they take care of the environment and your wallet Lighting control Automatic adjustment of lighting according to the mood or time of day. Reading on the couch, cooking, gathering at the dinner table – there are countless different scenarios in your home and with our lighting control for Smart Home you can create different lighting schemes at any time, depending on the case.


Music makes you happy. Wake up to your favourite song in the morning, listen to relaxing sounds in the bathroom, or play light music during the pleasant gathering around the dinner table. And of course, everything can be controlled with one touch, from afar or from your cozy armchair.

Voice control

Talk at home and control, for example, lamps, blinds and thermostats, or play your favourite music. Just say “Alexa, turn off the ceiling light” and she will carry out your command.

Smart Home Devices Increase Your Energy Efficiency

Smart Home products not only make life safer, more comfortable and more fun, they also help you save energy and money. Create a smart home that optimizes when and how it uses energy – connecting your home devices to a system you can control from anywhere with your smartphone. This will have a positive impact on your budget and the environment.

Function to turn everything off

Want to get out of the house and not sure if you turned off all the lights? With our smart shut-off function, you can easily switch off all lamps at the touch of a button.

Heating and air conditioning

With an intelligent heating and cooling system, you can have the optimal temperature in every room of your home – every day. As a positive side effect, it protects the environment and your wallet.

electric vehicle battery lifespanCharging of electric cars

It will be great to be able to just turn on your car and continue your day. Your smart home becomes a system of energy production with a solar panel, storage of collected energy and its use to charge your car with your own, 100% green energy.

Why Elsys Electrical Ltd?

We take care of tomorrow by offering innovative technology with a positive effect on the environment.Call us for more information.

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