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Installing Outdoor Socket in your property can be very handy for a lot of households in Hemel Hempstead, Watford, St Albans, North London. Having outdoor sockets would gives you the opportunity to safely use electrical garden equipment (lawn mower, hedge trimmer), as well as number of other power tools that you may need. It is also great opportunity to have temporary electrical lighting and/or heating. Outdoor Socket installation would also improve your entertainment and would make you Garden Party even better.

outdoor Socket Instalaltion1Weatherproof outdoor sockets are indeed an excellent solution for providing power-points outside and around the house. These external sockets come fully protected and waterproof, avoiding any danger and damage.

You perhaps asking yourself the most obvious question:

Do you really need it?

If you spend some time outside with electrical power tool or appliance plugged in the power network, the answer is – Yes you better have outdoor socket installed in your property. For majority of the household around London, Outdoor power socket is highly recommended to have it

What you need to know about Outdoor Socket Installation

Outdoor Sockets are Safer

Apart of the obvious convenience in having outdoor socket installed outside your premises, the first and foremost benefit of any external socket is safety. As approved electricians we always advise our customers that their personal safety should be priority No 1 in everything. And when it comes to electricity, there should not be any compromises on this. This why, our recommendation is, Outdoor sockets to be installed by professional & certified Electrician.

Outdoor Sockets are Practical

If you ever tried to tidy up 25m loose power cord, which comes from your kitchen you will know why it is much better to have an outdoor socket in your property. Having external socket in your garden would saves you in fact a lot of time and unnecessary efforts.

Having External Socket could be fun

If you’ve ever been a host to a garden Party, you already know, the benefits that outdoor socket installation could bring to you. You have a freedom to have quite a lot of party equipment – Music, smoke machines, bubble machines, etc. Connecting this will be a lot easier with the power socket just outside your garden.

Outdoor socket Installation for your business

Outdoor Socket Instalaltion1Many businesses carry out their work or part of it in front of their business premises o warehouses. In order to comply with the latest safety regulations, you must have outdoor socket installed where required.

Perhaps you are no thinking:

Cannot I use power cord extension instead?

Well, yes you can. Extension cords are handy and no one can deny that. But you have to understand that when using extension cords outdoors you are compromising on your and the households safety.

What are the risks of running extension cords outdoors?

Water ingress

Most of the cord extensions are not waterproof and they may become a hazard if used in a wet environment. In the majority of the cases, if something goes wrong, they will trigger your RCD’s or your circuit breakers and may leave a part of your house with no power. If you have old fuse board, this may lead to electrocution and serious life-threatening situation.

Tripping and accident risk

Another very common issue, when using power cord extensions is that they can bring real risk of tripping, especially if kids, or elderly are around.

Physical damage of the cord

The cord might get damaged by repeatedly closing and opening the door or window through which it is run. If you have pets, you are already aware that both cats and dogs have a passion for wires and rubbery objects, which would lead to the obvious risk of the power cord to get chewed. Biting into a live cable could have serious consequences for your pets.

Inappropriate load on the cable

Overloading an extension power cord could have very serious results especially if it doesn’t have thermal protection. Leaving long rolls of cable unreeled and using them with large loads for extended periods of time may lead to overheating and fire.

As there are number of risk factors associated with running power cord extension outside, it is strongly advised to consider installation of outdoor socket instead, especially if you need permanent or frequent external power supply.

Certified Outdoor Socket Installation

outdoor Socket Instalaltion1How Professional Electrician would do the job differently?

As one of the Best Electrical Contractors near your area, Elsys Electrical Ltd offers certified Outdoor socket installation service to local domestic & commercial customers in or near Hemel Hempstead, Watford, St Albans, North London. After the initial conversation and site survey (where applicable) we will provide you with competitive quote for the outdoor socket installation. We will take in to consideration all details about the external power socket such as:

  • The required load of the power socket
  • The best power supply point suitable for it
  • Can it be connected to an existing circuit or does it need separate one added to the consumer unit (or fuse box)

Other details, such as, suitable power cord or water & UV resistant materials is usually a standard for installation of outdoor power socket.

In order have adequate degree of protection, outdoor sockets should be installed by a skilled professional. Our Electrical Engineers would pay attention to all details about the electrical installation work, making sure that all will work without issues in the coming years.

Electrical safety certificate is part of any electrical work, which is our Guarantee for Quality. Being NICEIC approved member, you can rest assured that your outdoor socket will be installed according to the latest industry standards and regulations.

With Elsys Electrical Ltd, you can never be in safer hands for any electrical installation work.

Why You Should Chose Elsys Electrical Ltd

  • Over 20 years of Experience
  • Qualified & Certified Electricians
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  • Periodical Inspection & Reports
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