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LED Conversion

LED Lighting – Everything You Need To Know

LED ConversionWhat Is An LED Bulb?

An LED light bulb or an LED lamp is an electric light system designed for use with light fixtures. It creates light utilizing light emitting diodes. In addition, when it comes to LED lighting, LED lamps are the eco-friendly alternative to incandescent bulbs.

Even though LED bulbs have been around for some time, improvements in outputs, efficiency, and costs have made them more popular for large-scale use in businesses and households in recent times. As a result of the increased demand for LED lighting options, there are a wide range of LED products made to various capacities and lifespans.

What Are The Features Of LED Light Bulbs?

Less heat, More Light

LEDs (light emitting diodes)are semiconductors. When electrons pass through an LED conductors, it produces light. Compared to CFL bulbs and incandescent bulbs, LED lights are more effective producing light from energy. Which results in less energy radiation from bulbs as heat.

This makes LED bulbs cooler than CFL and incandescent bulbs. LEDs are heat sensitive as a result of the light emitting diodes warming up as they create light. It is important that heat is let out so it doesn’t damage the semiconductors.

In order to do this, a light cooling system is needed for these lights. Most LED lights come with a heat plates that redirects heat away from the light emitting diodes. These heat plates usually weigh a couple of ounces and can become hot very quickly. From the heat plate, the heat is redirected into the air surrounding the bulb. If the bulb is affixed to an enclosed fixture, the heat plate will not be able to effectively move the temperature away from the light emitting diodes which will cause it to overheat and shorten the lifespan of the bulb.

Distinct Age Signs

As LED bulbs gets older, they grow dimmer. The industry life span standard for LED light bulbs is about 25,000 hours with at least a 70% from first use until the end of the warranty. What this means is, below 70% is the is the industry standard for decrease in brightness to become noticeable. Because LED light bulbs are relatively new, their lifespan hasn’t been truly tested especially those with claims of 50,000 hours.

One Directional Lighting

A lot of LED bulbs, come with lighting come with light emitting diodes that only shine in one direction. For instance, if this type of bulb is fixed to a table lamp, most of the light would end up would be directed at the ceiling. Most of the light emitted by these types of LED bulbs is directed at the top of the bulb. In order to make LED bulb more like CFL or incandescent bulbs, omni directional LED lighting is becoming popular. This type of LED lighting distributes light evenly.

Major Advantages Of LED Bulbs

  1.  Controllable: the colour and brightness of LED bulbs can be controlled

  2.  Energy-efficient: LED bulbs have outputs of 135 watts

  3. Environmentally friendly: LED bulbs do not contain hazardous substances such as mercury.

  4. Longer lifetime: LEDs boast of up to 50,000 hours or more if properly engineered.

  5. Excellent colour rendering: LEDs do not wash out colour like other light sources such as Fluorescent lights. Making them perfect for retail applications and displays.

  6. Rugged: They are also known as solid state lighting because made from sturdy materials with no filament or tube which makes the bulbs more durable..

  7. Directional: you can direct the light of an Olympic LED bulb where you want.

  8. No warm up period: LEDs light up instantly – in nanoseconds.

  9. Not hindered by cold temperatures: LEDs can function extremely well in low temperatures and will start-up even in sub-zero conditions.

Not sure about LED lighting?

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