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In the era of ever fast growing technology, where we all have at least one smart device in our pocket or purse, the idea of a smart home is not so futuristic any more. Quite the opposite, smart home and home automation systems will be more and more popular and even more advanced, in the years to come. Home Automation Installation is the latest electrical and highly professional service, that Elsys Electrical is proud to offer to our domestic & commercial customers.

But first things first. For those of you who are not quite familiar with this, lets give you a brief information about smart homes and what they do

Home Automation InstallationWhat is Smart Home?

A smart home is a property (being small domestic flat or huge industrial warehouse), that benefits from the latest in home automation technology. For example, you might have a home hub which lets you control your heating, your lights, and even your sound system.

One of the biggest benefits of home automation is that you can set up routines and timers. For your heating, lighting and your security systems. In the same time the entire home automation system can be set up to be controlled by an app in your smart phone or using voice commands via Amazon Echo or Google Home device. Further more the system can be linked to sensors that monitor the surrounding environment and can react according the the local conditions.

There are really an endless benefits that a home automation installation, can offer to its owner. We know that most of our customers are already well familiar with separate smart devices, but now there is a way everything to operate in equilibrium. For this however you need a professional Home Automation installer and a good portion of advanced technology of coarse.

Home Automation Installation

If you are now ready to take the next step in our tech everyday life, transforming your home in to Smart Home, via advanced home automation installation systems is the right approach. Here is how Elsys Electrical can help you making the most of your everyday life.

Home Automation Installation Smart SecuritySmart Security Systems

Installation of CCTV security systems is one of our electrical services, where our company has proven record to be among the highly prised electrical installers in the past decades. Apart of the standard CCTV installation, where the surrounding environment can be well monitored, now we can make it a lot easier for our clients, allowing them to have access to all of their security systems from their smart phone.

Elsys Electrical also offer installation of smart fire alarms, as well as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, which will alert you whenever something potentially hazardous is detected. You can never be better informed of what is happening in or around your property, in real time.

Smart Lighting

Through a smart home automation installation network, you will no longer forget to switch off a light in any room. Furthermore we can set up routines for you to dim your lights at certain times of day, or on specific commands. In addition we can even install a smart blinds, which you can activate alongside to maximise or close down natural light on demand. And to make all of this real fun, you will be able to control all with your smart phone.

Another benefit that all of this can make your everyday life easy, is that it can be set up to work around you. All can work automatically following your routine and movement around the property

Home Automation Installation Control appSmart Heating & Home Environment

One of the biggest assets in any smart home automation installation is the heating. Want to make sure heating comes on at a certain time of day, in a specific room. All can be done using smart thermostats. Most of the advanced heating systems nowadays, do comes with their own independent smart devices. However, our electrical engineers can create complete monitoring of the environment in every room in the property. This once again is not only be accessible and controlled from your phone app, but it can be automated to maintain the perfect environment for you and your family.

Elsys Electrical can create a very complex network of environmental sensors, that will keep an eye for the current temperature, humidity, dust levels, etc and the home automation system will adjust the heating, ventilation and air filters, according to the desired environment. This could be a real benefit for Heathy living, as the environment at your home will be entirely in your hands.

Smart Entertainment

Probably the most exciting part of any smart home and, is the potential for entertainment. Via home automation installation, we have the ability to install really advanced audio visual entertainment in any property.

What would you say for the opportunity to come back home after busy day at work and your smart audio system to welcome you with favourite song list, at the moment you step on to your home. Cool isn’t it.

Home Automation Installation Smart entertainmentHow about if you are the type of person, who loves movies. Then you’ll love taking advantage of a home cinema system with flexible smart lighting, curtains, and AV equipment that reacts to your commands and routines. No more fiddling around with clumsy remote controls.

Are you ready to make your home smart?

With team of electrical engineers, which are always up to date with the latest trends and the very newest technology, Elsys Electrical can guarantee that even the most complex home automation installation, would be as easy to control as you would always wanted to.

There is not too small or too complex home automation installation system. With our experience and your imagination, we can create the smart home you have always dreamed about.

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