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Electrical Safety Checklist

Electrical Safety Checklist

Electrical safety is very important. Under the UK law, health and safety both at home and the workplace is the responsibility of the landlord and employer. These individuals are expected to make sure that the living and work environments are always safe for the people who live and work there. This why electrical safety checklist, as well as latest industry regulations to be followed by the responsible personnel, in order to make sure that the property and the living & working environment are safe for everyone.

Every year, there are more than 4000 accidents and about 30 deaths in the UK as a result of electrical related accidents and incidents. While the number of electrical related accidents in places like Hemel Hempstead, Watford, St Albans may not be as many as those in bigger cities like London, accidents caused by electricity do happen and it is unwise to think that they cannot happen on your property.

While it is true that there is no statutory obligation for annual safety checks on electrical systems and installations, it is advisable that you carry out periodical electrical safety checks at least once every five years to ensure that your electrical systems and equipment are safe. These periodical checks will look for wear and tear in your wiring’s, connections and circuits. This way, any fault is detected and quickly corrected before it escalates into something bigger.

Whether you live in St Albans, Watford or Hemel Hempstead, you will surely find a qualified electrical inspector in your area. These individuals can be found in the competent person’s register. It is vital that you make use of someone that is qualified to carry out these checks on your premises and collect what is called an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) at the end of the checks. This report contains a summary of the inspection and details any other action that you are expected to take. This report will also serve as proof of compliance that your property has been inspected by a qualified electrician and that the needed rectifications have been carried out on your electrical installation and equipment.

While each individual electrical inspector has a unique system of inspection, the following electrical safety checklist will give you an idea of what an electrical safety inspection covers, including visual checks to show that you have done your part in making sure that your property is electrically sound and safe for the people who live and work there.

Some of the key checks in the electrical safety checklist include:

  • Check to see that the wiring is well earthed and bonded.
  • Remove covers to check for damage in connections, conductors and circuits.
  • Check to see that the fuse box (consumer unit) is well connected.
  • Check for the presence of a Residual Current Device (RCD) and that it is working properly: The RCD typically sits beside the circuit breaker and is designed to turn off electricity when abnormal current is detected. The test button should be activated to ensure that this device is working properly.
  • Check for socket and outlets overload.
  • Check to see that the smoke and fire alarms are fitted and working properly.
  • Check for damages and wear and tear of cables, plugs and other connecting leads.
  • Check to see that each electrical equipment has the relevant cover in place and is well fitted.
  • Check to see that the metering equipment is free of clutter, damage or overheating.
  • Keep a copy of the EICR and other documentation to show evidence of compliance and that your property is safe.

It is important that landlords and letting agents understand that they are responsible for the safety of the electrical installation on their property because any electrical accident that occur as a result of failure to meet this obligation can result in steep fines and in some cases, legal repercussions.

The above electrical safety checklist is provided as a guide for all people who are responsible for the safe environment in domestic & commercial properties.

You can always find more information about the electrical safety of your property on the HSE website or the NICEIC website.

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Electrical Safety Checklist

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