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Electric Cars & Vehicles in general become more and more popular in the past years. Electric Vehicles (EV) are better for the planet, quieter and lower maintenance than petrol/diesel cars. They also benefit from lower running cost, low taxes, as well as exemption of some charges (Congestion charge, ULEZ charge, etc.) as well as reduced parking charges. In short Electric Cars are the future and sooner or later, every household in Hemel Hempstead, Watford, St Albans, North London & Whole of the UK will have Electric Vehicle. Here comes the obvious question: Where is the nearest Electric Vehicles Charging Point?

The answer is simple.

You can have Electric Vehicles Charging Point installed in your home.

Electric Vehicles Charging Point InstallationGiven that most of the private cars are usually parked at home overnight, it is essential the Electrical Vehicle (EV) owners to rely on home charging, to ensure that their Electric Cars are ready for use each morning. Among all other Professional Electrical Services, Elsys Electrical Ltd offers its domestic & commercial Customers with Professional Electric Vehicles Charging Point Installation & Maintenance Service.

Electric Vehicles can be charged at public charging stations. Some are free, some charge a small fee, and they are available across the UK. Charging your EV at home overnight, however take advantage of being (in majority of the cases) the most cost-effective time to recharge your Electric Car.

Electric cars have ranges of 200-300 miles, so home charging will definitely be the most convenient for day to day running, but may, as well need supplementing on long journeys.

The most common question from new EV owners is:

Can I charge my car from the mains?

As a short-term or occasional solution, charging from the mains is fine. Continued daily use of a standard power socket, however, is not recommended. The proper solution is to install a specially-designed Electric Vehicles Charging point in your home. These are becoming more and more common with nowadays advanced technology.

The chances are, if you’re just using your Electric Car as a runaround in town, you won’t need to use public charging points; home charging will do just fine. There are two ways of doing it: the first is straight from the mains.

Depending on how many volts your domestic power socket’s supply is, charging from the mains in the UK should take 6-9 hours. The easiest thing to do is to plug your car in overnight.

Installing a Home Electric Vehicles Charging Point

Electric Car Charging Point Installation - Tesla Charger - ElectricianGetting a charger installed at your home, makes your life a lot easier. It is safer and charges approximately 2-3 times faster than with a 3 pin plug. It’s just as quick as – or even quicker than some – public charging points and you do not need to wait around at a service station. Home chargers – normally either 16-amps or 32-amps – can charge an electric vehicle from flat to full in 3.5 hours.

The Government provides financial support for EV buyers to install charging point at their property through the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS), which covers up to 75% of the total costs.

Installing Commercial EV Charging Point for your business

There are number of benefits that Electric Vehicles can provide to your business. Apart of the very obvious advantages that Electric Vehicles can give to your business, there are also some interesting benefits that you might wish to consider (if haven’t done so already)

Meet Latest Environmental Targets

  • Rolec EV Charging Point InstallationDiscover greener and cost effective way to go around
  • Improve your ISO credentials (ISO 14001, ISO 5001)
  • Improve Company’s Environmental impact, (which will improve the public image of your company)

Reduce Costs & Taxes

  • Reduce Fuel costs, as well charges such as – Congestion Charge, ULEZ, etc.
  • Save your company tax (zero-rated car tax and reduced Vat of 5% on electricity).
  • Reducing costs would inevitably increase your cash flow and you will be able to plan your budget easily and increase your profit.

Elsys Electrical Ltd offers to Business & Industrial clients, EV charging station installation service for commercial sites (Offices, Warehouses, Shops etc.) using approved and reliable technology from well known and reputable manufacturers. With the government approved Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS), your business can get contribution of up to £500 per charging point.

As approved and authorised installer of EV Charging point all commercial and domestic customers of Elsys Electrical Ltd will be able to benefit from reduced cost of the of the Grant schemes for electric vehicle charging infrastructure (OLEV). We’ll be happy to provide you with a professional advise about available charging point options. We are also happy to quote based on the recommendations from the electric car manufacturer, as per your specific requirements. With Elsys Electrical Ltd, your vehicles charging point would not only be professionally installed in your home or office, but it will cost less under the government Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) and Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS).

Elsys Electrical Ltd has been given an approval certification as authorised installer of both government schemes:

Important to remember is that our Company is also authorised to install charge points from the following manufacturers:

Elsys Electrical EVHS Installer Authorisation Letter
Elsys Electrical EVHS Installer Authorisation Letter
Pod Point EV Home Charger Certificate, Elsys Electrical
EV Charging Installer Certificat of Traning
Elsys Electrical WCS Installer Authorisation Letter
Rolec Approved Installer Certificate
Rolec Approved Installer Certificate
Elsys Electrical Ltd - WCS all models approval letter
Elsys Electrical Ltd - EVHS approval letter
EV Charging Certificate ATESS
EV Charging Certificate OHME

Our Company is approved NICEIC and comply with very high-quality standards of both electrical work and customer care. With Elsys Electrical Ltd your vehicles charging point installation can never be in better hands. Moreover EV Chargers Installation is essential part of our business and we happily offer this service to local clients in the past years. In addition you can find more information about the available ev home chargers or get an online quote for ev chargers installation.

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