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Data Cabling Installations

Reliable and fast data cabling is an essential part for every office and warehouse network. It is a very important part for every business success. Growing your business often means more employees, more productive work and most important working without technical interruption.

Data Cabling Installation & MaintenanceElsys Electrical offer an ultimate solution for your business, in terms of professional Data Cabling installation & Maintenance. Our Electrical Engineers can improve the performance and reliability of your existing data network, allowing your business to grown it its full potential.

Our wide range of data cabling solutions includes:

  • Design & Installation
  • Single or multisite network solutions
  • CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7 Specifications
  • Fiber optic data cables
  • Switches & routers

We at Elsys Electrical are specializing in data cabling, design, installation & maintenance. Whether you are looking for just one additional outlet or a large scale project our team of qualified engineers is at your disposal. With years of experience and we’ll make sure your data cabling installation completely meets your requirements.

Our data cabling services include initial consultation with you to understand your needs and what you would like to achieve. Elsys Electrical provides long term solution for our clients including data cabling maintenance and ongoing support. We provide fully guaranteed service and we are confident that your data cabling continues to function effectively for many years to come, giving you peace of mind and protecting against any cabling or performance issues.

Types of Data CablingTypes of Data Cables

Despite the introduction of higher performance cabling such as CAT6, CAT6a and CAT7, CAT5e remains the most popular and commonly deployed Ethernet cabling standard.

There are various reasons for this, and why there is a widely held belief that CAT5e is here to stay – at least for longer than its predecessors. The main reason for this is that it supports gigabit networking and so theoretically, if used exclusively with gigabit network cards and switches, will support higher data transfer across the network.

However, the emergence of CAT6 has facilitated a far more effective platform for gigabit networking due to its decreased data loss. In reality if there is a genuine requirement for gigabit CAT6 is the category of choice.

But gigabit networking is only relevant when large amounts of data, for example large image files such as 3D need to be rendered across the network. For most business users who require internet, email and access to documents in programs such as Word or Excel users will rarely benefit from the advantages of gigabit networking therefore CAT5e is an ideal infrastructure.

CAT5e has benefits of its own to recommend it. It is more economical to install, and moreover it requires less space than the higher diameter CAT6 and is more tolerant of tight bends and therefore easier and faster to install in trunking and where space is limited.

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