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<a href=According to the latest security industry report, Britain has a CCTV camera for every 11 people. In the past years security cameras have been drastically upgraded, with 1080p HD recording, IP (internet protocol) Cams which send video data via internet streams to a central hub to be analysed. CCTV installation became vital part for the security for every home. Your CCTV camera can be linked directly to your smart phone so you can constantly watch what is going on in your establishment without being sat at a monitor. With the technological advancements becoming more widespread, tech such as Facial recognition, air temperature reading, voice recognition and motion technology have all been developed and integrated within CCTV systems, making it easier to identify suspects and missing people.

The correct design and use of such systems are paramount to ensure a CCTV surveillance meets the needs of the user, provides a tangible benefit and provides safety and security for the wider law-abiding public.

Elsys Electrical Ltd provide CCTV installation and maintenance, as well as the design of the CCTV systems for home and commercial premises in Hemel Hampstead, Watford, St Albans and North London. We provide a wide range of security cameras suitable for homes, shops, offices, warehouses and small businesses, including analogue, HD-TVI and IP cameras, fully installed at competitive prices.

It is important to follow the latest government guidelines regarding CCTV installation and maintenance, so your surveillance system comply in full with the latest industry regulations.

Any individual has the right to protect their property and this can be done by using a CCTV system where it is necessary, such as a security measure. It is recommended however that users of CCTV systems should operate them in a responsible way to respect the privacy of others.

<a href=The easiest way to achieve this is to get in touch with a professional company who deals with CCTV Installation & Maintenance, so you can guarantee that your CCTV Surveillance system is installed properly and it always provides you the best possible result, that suits your surveillance needs.

Elsys Electrical Ltd provides comprehensive range of CCTV Services such as:

CCTV installation Watford, Hemel Hampstead, St Albans and North West London

With numbers of years of experience dealing with CCTV Installation Elsys Electrical Ltd provides it’s domestic & commercial customers with wide range of Security Cameras. Our CCTV Services covers any size project, from domestic CCTV Cameras, to CCTV for your business (shop, office, warehouse)

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    Alliance Flooring Distribution

    “ Elsys Electrical completed successfully number of electrical jobs for us and I’ve always been pleased with the quality of their works, as well as their customer service. I’m pleased about their approach in every aspect of their work. Ivan and the team are punctual and responsive to all of our needs.”

    The Air Ambulance Service

    “I would highly recommend Elsys Electrical Ltd Very quick and efficient service – impressed with how quickly they could slot us in. Work was completed to a high standard. We will certainly use again!”

    Alium Medical

    “Outstanding work, goes that extra mile to help you with advice that you require, is honest, professional, experienced and tidy. I shall be using Elsys again and again.”

    IP CCTV installation

    IP CCTV Installation allows you to monitor your CCTV security systems on your smartphone or any other internet-enabled device, from anywhere in the world.


    Elsys Electrical Ltd can supply and install wide range of HD CCTV cameras using your existing analogue cabling, allowing for further savings on time and cost. There are lots of different camera options for any environment (internal CCTV Camers, External CCTV Cameras, etc.).

    CCTV recording

    Digital video recorders (DVRs) and network video recorders (NVRs) allow you to store massive amounts of data. This allows you to store far more frames per second, boosting the clarity of your CCTV footage. Both DVRs and NVRs can be searched locally and NVRs can be searched over your network or remotely via your Smartphone or other IP enabled device (laptops, tablets etc.) as well as on traditional monitors. Easy to use search options allow you to search by time and date, alarm activation and much more.#

    Remote monitored CCTV

    After we install your CCTV system, WLS can set up remote CCTV monitoring. Your CCTV system can then send footage to a central monitoring station. In the event of an intrusion attempt or fire, trained station staff can assess the situation and take the appropriate course of action. They can challenge the intruder verbally (if speakers are installed) or call the police. In the event of a fire, they can also inform the fire brigade. Remote monitoring helps reduce false alarms, improves security and saves on the costs of manned guarding.

    Integrate CCTV with an intruder or fire alarm

    Your CCTV camera installation can be used to verify intruder alarm or fire alarm activation. When used in conjunction with our central monitoring station this will give you instant police or fire service response to your premises.

    CCTV Installation & Maintenance - Home Security SystemCCTV service, repair & maintenance

    As well providing a CCTV System installation service, Elsys Electrical Ltd also offer professional CCTV Repair & Maintenance service. As part of the installation process we will draw up a comprehensive maintenance plan for your system, which you can take up upon completion as an optional extra. We can also inspect and service any existing CCTV System so you can be sure they are properly installed and maintained to the highest standards.

    Further CCTV Installation & Maintenance services such as:

    • CCTV analytics
    • Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)
    • CCTV video encoding & decoding

    Can also be available for your Security Project. Feel free to get in touch for free advise and more detailed information.

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    • Over 20 years of Experience
    • Qualified & Certified Electricians
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    Industrial Electrical Installation

    CCTV Installation and MaintenanceThere may be indeed a lot of electrical contractors near by, however there is only one that offers truly Professional CCTV Installation and Maintenance in the area. Indeed, Elsys Electrical is preferred electrical company for both domestic & commercial projects. Our team of experienced electricians is proud to be among the most reliable electrical professionals in the area. Moreover, all of the electrical engineers are experienced, trained and fully qualified to undertake any electrical work. We offer huge variety of electrical services for Domestic, Commercial, as well as Industrial customers. This why, if you are after CCTV Installation and Maintenance, do not hesitate to contact us, for initial consolation and estimate. We'll be more than happy to to assist with your project.

    Outstanding Service - CCTV Installation and Maintenance

    Great CCTV Installation and Maintenance

    Professional CCTV Installation and Maintenance
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